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Although water is a necessary part of life, it can be very destructive when it goes to a place it doesn’t belong. Your carpeting was never meant to sit under inches of water in your business premises, neither was the flooring under the carpeting. You never know when a heavy downpour will lead to a flooded basement. Water could go as far as flooding the first floor of your business. The longer the water sits, the worse the water damage becomes. It has to be removed.

Any time water comes indoors, the damage can be catastrophic. Almost everything water comes into contact with is destroyed. Fortunately, you can call water damage restoration company ServiceMaster of the Upstate to get your business back to its original beauty.

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You never know when an emergency is going to strike. Water emergencies cannot wait. You need to address the damage as soon as possible to preserve your business and your belongings.

ServiceMaster of the Upstate is your leading commercial water damage restoration contractor in South Carolina. Whether you need commercial water damage restoration by a qualified restoration contractor or mold has wreaked havoc on parts of your business, call ServiceMaster of the Upstate any time. Our expert crew will arrive quickly to take care of your damage in your business property. We will help you secure your possessions and store them away if needed, clean them, dry them, repair them, and ensure that they are back to their original condition. The sooner the damage is addressed, the more successful the restoration process will be.

Don’t Wait, Just Call The Experts!

Call ServiceMaster of the Upstate as soon as possible to start the commercial water damage restoration process. Water damage escalates the longer water sits. By addressing the problem immediately, we can remove it quickly and start to restore the areas that were damaged by the water. We have all of the right tools, speed, and expertise to stop and minimize the water damage.

When the water has caused damage to your commercial building or business property, water removal must be performed to prevent mold growth that could threaten the health of your customers and employees.

Why Choose ServiceMaster of the Upstate?

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  • IICRC Certified
  • Immediate Response
  • Available 24/7, Day or Night
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  • We Bill Directly to Insurance

ServiceMaster of the Upstate is open seven days a week, and we provide 24/7 emergency services. Do not hesitate to call us if you need assistance. If you are in need of immediate services due to commercial water damage, please call our emergency line at (864) 310-7891, and we will be available to you as soon as possible. We are dedicated to our customers and our community, and we will do everything in our power to restore your business to pre-damage condition.