Water and Storm Damage

Water Damage Restoration

Serving customers all throughout Pickens County, Greenville County, Blacksburg County, Spartanburg County, Laurens County, Newberry County, Saluda County, York County, and Cherokee County, South Carolina and Polk County, Henderson County, Transylvania County and Rutherford County, North Carolina.

Water may not seem like a big deal, but given the right circumstances, it can be one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Especially in the times of a storm, water can destroy part of, or even your entire, home. One of the worst types of water damage is from the result of hurricanes, which South Carolina is no stranger to. We have all heard the stories of hurricanes completely destroying homes, and some of us have witnessed this damaging natural disaster first-hand. The thought of losing your home due to uncontrollable circumstances is terrifying and stressful. When a hurricane hits, the potential to lose your house or have your home suffer from extreme damage is incredibly high. You cannot control whether or not a storm or hurricane will hit your town, but you can control how you handle the repercussions. ServiceMaster of the Upstate is dedicated to its customers and is fully prepared to assist you in the times of these great disasters.

Your home is a place that not only provides you and your family shelter, but it is a structure that holds all of your family’s memories. Because the stakes are so high, water damage from a storm is scary. After the storm clears, it can often seem as though your home was hit by a bulldozer, and you might think there is no possible way your house can be repaired to what it once was. Luckily, while this is not an uncommon thought, it is incorrect. Nobody wants to lose the place where they feel safe and loved, and we at ServiceMaster of the Upstate are no exception.

Why Choose ServiceMaster of the Upstate?

  • We are dedicated to making sure you and your family are able to return to your home and the memories it encompasses.
  • ServiceMaster of the Upstate employs fully trained and professional certified technicians that are very aware of and familiar with water damage caused by storms and hurricanes.

  • Our technicians are prepared to asses, handle, and implement a plan of action to repair any destruction to your home, big or small, that was caused by water damage.

  • Our equipment is top-notch and able to take on any load necessary to restore your home’s damages and return your house to pre-damaged condition.

  • We are a locally owned and operated company that is proud to offer excellent water damage restoration services to customers in and around the Greenville, SC area, including Spartanburg, Laurens, Newberry, and Saluda.
  • ServiceMaster of the Upstate is open seven days a week, and we provide 24/7 emergency services.

If you are in need of immediate services due to water or storm damage, please call our emergency line at (864) 310-7891, and we will be available to you as soon as possible. We are dedicated to our customers and our community, and we will do everything in our power to restore your home to a pre-damage condition in the event of a storm or hurricane.

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