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Fire Damage Restoration

Immediate Response Saves Not Just A Life But Lives

Fire can cause devastating damage to property. The first 24 – 48 hours are critical in ensuring the building’s successful recovery, in addition to damage from the fire itself, the acidic soot and smoke can accelerate the deterioration and corrosion of buildings. Thankfully our highly trained emergency response team act quickly to mitigate damage and determine the most effective remediation program. ServiceMaster of the Upstate is proud to offer a unique one-stop solution, fully project managing restoration services from start to finish.

Serving customers throughout Greenville, Spartanburg, Laurens, Newberry, Saluda and Surrounding Areas

No two fire incidents will be the same, and fire and smoke damage can go further than physical destruction. The contaminants involved in a fire are dependent on many variables such as temperatures, household materials, building construction methods, and building materials, as well as the time-frame that the fire or smoke was left untreated. These variables alongside the cause of the fire can also affect the fire damage repair process.

Aside from fire damage such as heat devastation and burnt materials, it is common for there to be water damage following the extinguishing methods and the need to detect leaks from damaged bathroom or kitchen equipment. These are examples of secondary damage (damage that occurs after the incident within the subsequent few weeks).

Smoke damage is often overlooked if it isn’t visible to the naked eye. The toxins and chemicals from smoke particles can cause future health concerns such as respiratory issues and even premature death, if affected materials are not removed and appropriately decontaminated by specialists. This is why such importance should be placed on having your home or business fully de-contaminated professionally.

Fast Response to Your Fire Damage Restoration Needs

The first step is immediate professional fire damage mitigation to prevent the need for further fire damage restoration. This, plus completing a prompt and detailed inventory of the needed fire damage repair is required to meet insurance company requirements. That’s followed by a long series of complex and technical steps for complete fire and smoke damage restoration of the building and its contents.

There is a single company you can count on to perform all those fire and smoke damage needs: ServiceMaster of the Upstate. Our 24/7 emergency service can be there within an hour for those time-critical tasks. Our experience has prepared us for everything, from superficial cleaning to major structural remediation

Why Choose ServiceMaster of the Upstate?

  • 11 years experience in damage management
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable fire damage restoration service
  • Suitable for residential and commercial properties
  • Successfully reduced insurance claim costs and lifecycles
  • Minimize secondary fire damage
  • Reduce the risk of swelling and mold growth
  • Minimize disruption/business interruption
  • Increase customer satisfaction

ServiceMaster of the Upstate is open seven days a week, and we provide 24/7 emergency services. Do not hesitate to call us if you need assistance. If you are in need of immediate services due to fire damage, please call our emergency line at (864) 582-3451), and we will be available to you as soon as possible. We are dedicated to our customers and our community, and we will do everything in our power to restore your home to pre-damage condition.